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Our Story


“If we are to preserve Culture, we must continue to create it”


1804 Cigars was founded based on a passion for cigars and community. We are the NJ/NYC premiere Cigar social event coordinators and online retailers. Our aim is to provide a platform for diverse community of people to connect, grow, have fun, and over a love of cigars. We are more than a brand; we are the Culture.



Anchored by Haitian American roots “1804” signifies a celebration of culture and perseverance.  In 1804, against all odds, Haiti proclaimed its Independence after defeating the French armies and becoming world’s first independent black republic. The accomplishment has always been a source of pride, fostered by our value of culture. 1804 Cigars intends to build that same culture inclusive of our passion for cigars. Please, Join our community.

“L’Union Fait La Force,” which means “unity is strength



  • We offer a full complement of premium and boutique cigars with guaranteed priority shipping.
  • We offer Cigar subscription services as well as custom cigar accessories, designed to enthuse the palettes of novice and aficionados.
  • We host the premiere Cigar Social Events in the NY/NJ metro region, pairing together the best spirits, fresh rolled cigars, live music, and networking. Our events cater to all who have interest in cigars with the highest standards of quality possible.


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